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Janet Edwards is Mountain MamaYes, there really is a “Mountain Mama.” A walk through a field of St. John’s wort, glowing golden and blowing softly in a light summer breeze started my interest in wildflowers and medicinal herbs.

My name is Janet Edwards. I bought a farm in Maine in 1970 and left the city life behind. With a wildflower book in hand, I walked the fields and woods and began discovering the bounty the earth offers us. Responsibly gathered wildflowers and my own cultivated herbs have brought me many hours of peace and pleasure. Picking calendula barefoot or watching bees work violet comfrey flowers in my gardens in the mountains of Maine is a joy and blessing. Soothing the mind with the calming scents of flowers grounds and centers us in our busy lives.

Centuries ago, women used herbs and essential oils for bath and beauty. Today there is increased interest in all natural skin care products as we learn about the dangers of synthetic ingredients. Since your skin is your largest organ it just makes sense to treat it naturally.

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